Storm Damage on Your Roof

8 Surprising Indicators of Storm Damage on Your Roof

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Storm damage on your roof can manifest in ways that may not always be obvious. Here are eight surprising signs of storm damage that you might overlook.

  1. Indoor Paint Peeling:

Water leaks from roof damage can lead to peeling paint inside your home. If you notice unusual peeling or blistering of your interior paint, it may be a sign of a leaking roof.

  1. Unusually High Energy Bills:

If your energy bills have spiked suddenly after a storm, it might be due to damaged insulation caused by a leak in your roof.

  1. Dented Gutters or Downspouts:

Dents in your gutters or downspouts might not seem like a big deal, but they can indicate hail or wind damage that could have affected your roof as well.

  1. Door and Window Malfunction:

If your doors or windows suddenly start sticking or are difficult to open, it could mean that a leak in the roof has affected the home’s structure.

  1. A Spike in Pests:

An increase in pests, such as insects or small mammals, could be a sign of openings in your roof caused by storm damage.

  1. Sagging Ceiling or Walls:

Sagging ceilings or walls inside your home can indicate water damage from a leaky roof.

  1. A Musty or Moldy Smell:

This smell could be a sign of water damage or even mold growth due to a roof leak.

  1. Cracked or Decaying Shingles:

This might be more subtle than missing shingles, but if your shingles are cracked or decaying, it could be a sign of storm damage.

Recognizing these surprising indicators can help you identify roof damage early and get it repaired. At Kiwi Roof Masters, our team of professionals can help you assess and repair any storm damage your roof might have suffered. Contact us today for a comprehensive roof repair and inspection.